Quickly and securely share

Avoid messy and unsafe methods of sharing sensitive information.
End-to-end encryption
Your secrets are encrypted within your device's browser and can only decrypted when received.
Ephemeral credentials
None of the key pairs, nonces, or secret metadata are stored on-disk and are destroyed when drop is complete.
Peer-to-peer handoff
Secrets are never handled by a server and are sent directly to the receiving user's device via WebRTC.

Grab a Secret

Enter your drop ID (or link) that was shared with you!


Currently, we support raw text strings, JSON strings, and most basic configuration files such as .yml and .json.


Web Application
Use the deadrop web application and even save it to your phone's home screen as a PWA!
Use NPM's npx to use deadrop directly in your terminal!
in development
VS Code
Start a session in the sidebar or right-click a file to use deadrop right in your editor!